Collaboration project with Vinokilo and The Ground Festival

Textile waste is a massive problem in the fashion industry, with 92 million tonnes of textile waste being thrown away each year.

By 2030, 134 million tonnes of textile waste will be produced each year. These numbers are too big to wrap ones head around, so we created this dress: 4,7 KG is the average weight of clothing a German throws away each year. 

This dress, times 80 million, annually. In Germany alone.

That's why we created this dress: to show you that just because you don't wear the clothing anymore doesn't mean it is waste.

Clothing should be circular: buy second-hand (Vinokilo offers high-quality second hand fashion), swap with friends, repair, and upcycle.

This dress was created by Aurelia Paumelle & Alexandra Mazzitelli for Vinokilo, out of textile waste Vinokilo had in the warehouse.