Personal shopper

Personal shopper

By Aurelia Paumelle

Personal shopper

Your wardrobe is starting to be a bit empty ? Come visit us at the shop, Aurelia will give you personal advices for your shopping session. 

From casual to chic, our clothes can be worn either at work or at afterworks. Aurelia decided to create basics that allows you to express your personality and individuality. Those clothes were designed to be flexible, easy to wear and also very comfortable! 

  • Do I need an appointment ? 

You can book an appointment with us or you can spontaneously coming to the shop at Prenzlauer Berg. Do not hesitate to contact us at mail[at], by Whatsapp at +49(0)176 773 722 32 or DM us by Instagram.  




  • Is it kid-friendly ? 

Of course ! We can take care of your babies or kids when you are shopping with us. We can providing baby mats, toys, coloured pencils... We want you to have the best shopping experience ever without any stress




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